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Who is Essentrics™ for?

Who is Essentrics™ for? It is a low-impact fitness workout program designed for all ages and all fitness levels; from busy working moms and dads, students, seniors to high-performance athletes.

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Why Movement is Medicine

Movement has a natural healing component for the physical body. It promotes circulation within our connective tissues, infuses nutrient rich blood into our muscles, joints, and organs, and it removes potentially cancerous toxins, dead cells and debris.

Essentrics™ the low-impact dynamic stretching and strengthening program can help increase circulation and promote healing.

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My One-Eighty

For many years of living an unhealthy lifestyle, I finally made the choice to turn my life around and put my health first. As I continued on this path I found Essentrics and it has become the focal point of my life. It has taken me to the next level of my own health and keeps me motivated to help others find healing in their lives as well.

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Learning How To Relax

The fitness industry promotes the idea that you have work out at high-intensity levels to the point of exhaustion or pain to be in top shape. The truth is we need a healthy balance between relaxation and stress. Relaxation is a healthy way to promote blood flow into muscles and increase flexibility. Muscles need blood flow to increase in strength. Relaxation promotes blood flow. Therefore relaxation is strength. Exercise is preventative medicine when done in the right mindset. The formula to achieving true optimal health is to transform the mindset from "no pain no gain" to "relaxation is the new strength."

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Natural - the New Normal

As our lifestyles veer towards increasing inactivity, our joints and spine are susceptible to misalignment. As the misalignment becomes more severe, we are less motivated to move around, thus becoming a viscous cycle of stiffness and pain.

Essentrics™ low-impact exercises help to reverse misalignment, correct muscle imbalances and improve posture. It allows us to regain the natural full range of motion of our joints. Our bodies were designed to move, not to be sedentary and Essentrics will help you get back to your natural state of balance and alignment.

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Your Body Tells Your Story

“The human body is a living organism that is in a process of either dying or living and it is exercise that keeps the muscles alive, healthy and youthful.” - Miranda Esmonde White

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Trust Your Gut (Not Social Media Body Image Ideals)

There are a lot of social media posts that sell messages to people which reinforce unrealistic body "ideals" designed to make us feel inadequate so they can sell us a product. If we know why is it that we still allow it to affect us?

Trust Your Gut

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