Updated on Dec. 21, 2021

Our story

My Essentrics™ Journey

image-Essentrics™ instructor profile picture
Genevieve showing the Essentrics™ plie routine

When I discovered Essentrics™ by chance late one night on PBS, (which seems to be how so many others have found it) I had just returned from visiting my mother’s grave on the one-year anniversary of her death.

I had been studying to become a personal trainer, but as the deadline I had given myself for the exam came closer I just could not make myself do it. I was not feeling the whole gym-style fitness that was being promoted by the organization by which I was planning to get certified. That was not me and I knew it.

I have always been fit. I was a dancer for many years and more recently over the last four years have been practising Choy Li Fut Kung Fu as well as yoga and gymnastics. For a while, I was teaching a self-defence class for women and non-binary people which led me to want to pursue teaching and training people as a career.

My style of exercise, fitness and movement is about using the full body as opposed to isolating one group of muscles as they do in the gym. I am much more interested in a balanced body, equally strong and flexible - a dancer’s body, a martial artist’s body, a gymnast’s body.

As I explored the Essentrics™ website and began doing the videos with Miranda Esmonde White, the creator of Essentrics™ and a former National Ballet of Canada dancer, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. It was a program I could teach people that aligns not only with my own background and style of movement but, also my beliefs about the importance of a balanced body.

The more I practiced with Miranda’s videos, the more I felt like I was guided there by my mother. The things she said in the videos resonated with me so much and on a deep level reminded me of my mother. Miranda’s expressiveness and passion for teaching people about the body and about how movement can heal the body reminded me in many ways of my mother’s passion for life.

image-Essentrics™ instructor with her mother
Essentrics™ instructor, Genevieve with her mother

My mother was a professional singer and voice coach for many years before becoming an elementary school French teacher. She was passionate about everything she did. She continued to sing for her whole life even to the day she passed away suddenly from cancer.

I realize now that I have become more and more passionate about Essentrics™ because I know in my heart that if my mother had done this program, it could have healed her. She could have lived for many more years if she had begun an Essentrics™ program when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer three years before she died.

I feel that my mother led me to Essentrics™ to help others stay healthy and live long happy lives.